The 2009 "Fun just takes a bit of tenacity award"

As everyone knows, in 2008 the club had a problem in regards to event participation, due to weather, work and family commitments. I thought this would have made it a bit more difficult to come up with a trophy worthy person. Keeping in mind that the trophy can be awarded for any reason I think is worthy, I sat down with all the pictures taken from this years events and it was a considerable amount of pictures, because I get the pictures from Diane & Dave, Tom, Jan & Dan and Myself. The pictures consisted of pics from the various cruise nights we attended, Spring Fling, Bug A Paloosa, Tour of MAM, FunFest in Effingham and the Silver Lake Buggy Invasion.

The Contenders

As I looked though the pictures, I considered Mike as a candidate because he actually stopped and waited to get rained on, coming back from Effingham...That would be too easy. I came across a picture of a bunch of Buggistas pushing a dune buggy...Low and behold. It was Andy's buggy in Effingham, being pushed for some reason...I was afraid to give the trophy to Andy for a 3rd year, in a row. Andy was able to drive home so the buggy probably wasn't broke. There were dozens of pictures of Tom Chrusciel's Westy, when he broke down (dropped valve). I thought of Tom for the award but Tom handled the problem so seamlessly, I would almost bet that he made it home with the Westy before we did.

The Winner

During the time I was pouring over the photos, I kept seeing pictures, lots of pictures of Julie with her newborn baby in the sling (for lack of a better word) and wrapped on the front of Julie. In every picture Julie has a big smile, like life couldn't be better. Keep in mind temps were in the upper 80's to low 90's along with high humidity and little shade. After seeing Julie's pictures, it was an easy choice. The 2009 "Fun just takes a bit of tenacity award" is awarded to Julie Trejo for making Lemonade.
Let's hear it for Julie!!!

-Jerry Despaltro
"Official Southside Buggista Club, Trophy Awarder"

Trophy Winners: