Currently the Southside Buggistas consist of 24 members. Our cars are mostly fiberglass 
bodied dune buggies, however there are 2 Bradley GT kit cars, a T-Style roadster and 
several different volkswagen models. The buggies range from your traditional sand dune surfer 
to the street driven show car. Our members believe that a car is meant to be driven. 
So whether its 3 miles or 300.  Our cars are "Built To Drive!"

Frankfort, IL is the central location of the club, mostly because it is a convenient place for 
our members to meet.  A lot of our members can be found in Frankfort on Thursdays for 
the weekly cruise night. As a club, we attend several VW specific car shows, as well as 
plan our own cruising events to places like Starved Rock and a trip down Old Route 66.
  We also have 4 club parties: The Winter Pizza & Beer Night, The Buggista Spring Fling, 
  Mid-Summer Buggista-Q, and Fall Buggista Fest.
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If you are interested in becoming a Southside Buggistas member, you can 
click here for  membership information or you can look for us cruising out-n-about

Be sure to check us out at our club booth 
during Mid America Motorworks' Funfest